Cider & Wine

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All wine and hard cider is hand crafted on site by Twenty One Barrels. We utilize a mix of estate grown and locally sourced fruit and juice to produce our award winning hard cider and wine. We hope you enjoy every sip!

Tasting Flights

Tasting flights are offered Friday 6-8pm and Saturday before 4pm. Tasting flights are not offered during special events.


Tastings are offered in a pre-selected flight of (6) - wines/ciders for $8.

We have curated our flights to provide our guest with a tasting experience we are sure you will enjoy.



Wine is sold by the glass, bottle or case. 10% discount offered on cases (12 bottles).

Hard Cider

Hard Cider is sold by glass, or 32oz Howler.

*Our cider is offered on tap on a rotation.

Hard Cider

Currently on Tap

1. Country Apple - Semi Sweet

2. India Pressed Cider (IPC) - Dry 

3. Campfire - Sweet -Smores flavored
4. Coming soon

5. Coming Soon

6. Coming Soon

La Crescent

A semi-sweet and fruity white wine with notes of pineapple, citrus, and honeydew melon.  11.5% ABV


 A sweet and fruity rosé  wine with lingering notes of citrus.  11.5% ABV

Harris Creek White

Our sweetest white wine blend. Fruity with notes of pineapple and tropical fruit flavors.  11.5% ABV

Cayuga White

A crisp and dry white wine with delightful floral and citrus notes. Similar to a Riesling. 11.5% ABV


A semi-sweet and fruity white wine with notes of peach, citrus, & pineapple. Similar to Moscato. 11.5% ABV


A sweet white wine with assertive floral notes and fresh grape aromas.  11.5% ABV


A medium bodied dry red wine aged for 6 months on French Oak. It has aromas of black cherry, vanilla, and chocolate with a hint of smokiness.   Similar to a Pinot Noir. 11.5% ABV


A semi-sweet red wine with vibrant fruit flavor and a smooth finish. Similar to Concord.  11.5% ABV

Roundhouse Red

Sweet and fruity red wine bursting with the aroma and flavor of fresh blackberries.  11.5% ABV