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How The Cider Club Works

You will get an email from us before each release is ready for pickup. In it, we'll outline what will be included in your box and give you the opportunity to update your address, credit card information, or any other necessary changes. If you do not respond to the email, we'll assume all is good and we will charge the credit card on file for the box.

  • Your credit card information is stored in our secure database and is charged automatically as outlined in the Subscription Club or Loyalty Club

  • Your membership will continue until we hear from you in writing or via email to We want you to be an exclusive member to our club, however you may cancel at anytime. Cancellations or changes to your club shipment must be received in writing via email at least 30 days prior to a scheduled pickup date.

  • All shipments of club boxes and non-club cider/wine will require a signature of an adult 21+ for delivery.

  • Your credit card will be charged automatically prior to each club package being selected

  • Membership benefits & perks apply to all active club members only.


When will my Subscription Club be charged and how much?

The Subscription club is billed at the beginning of quarter $52 plus tax and shipping in March 1st, June 1st, September 1st, and December 1st. 

When will my Subscription box ship?

Subscription boxes will  ship out during the months of March, June, September, and December.

How much will shipping be?

Shipping usually runs around $20-25 depending upon your location.

Can I pick out the ciders in my box?

No. Each quarter is curated by our cider experts.

I'm going to be at the cidery. Can I just pick my subscription box?

Unfortunately, we can not allow this because our system will automatically process the shipping charges and create the UPS shipping label.

Do I have to pay every quarter, or can I opt out of one of the four quarters?

If you'd like to skip a box, you will have to unsubscribe and then resubscribe when you are ready to receive boxes and take advantage of members perks again.

Can I pay for a year in advance?

Unfortunately, no. But, you can indicate that you'd like the subscription to end after 4 shipments (1 year).

I'm going to be out of town when my box is scheduled to arrive. What can I do?

When you receive the email that indicates your box is about to ship, please enter your account. You will be able to request delayed shipping.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your subscription club membership any time prior to the credit card processing date.

Please email us at to request to cancel.


When will my Loyalty Club be billed and how much?

Loyalty Club members will be charged yearly on January 1st for the entire year. The cost is $260 plus tax.  

Members who sign up after January 1st will be charged the day they sign up. 

If you sign up after March 1st, your membership rate will charged charged at pro-rated amount based on the month of sign up through the end of year.

Do I have to pay up front or can I make payments?

No. You will be charged for the entire year. Members who sign up after March 1st will be charged a prorated amount. 

I signed up after March 1st, can I redeem my cider for the months I was not a member?

No, you can only redeem your month cider for the month of sign up onward, and you can not carry over cider pickups to the next month.

How long is my membership valid?

Memberships are valid from the date of sign up through December 31st.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can email us at to request to cancel your membership.

You membership will still be valid through December 31st and you will not receive a refund,

Cancelation requests will be effective for the following year.

How do I take advantage of 15% off?

When you start your tab at the bar, show your membership card to our staff to get your 15% off. 

How do I get my complimentary 4pack or 32oz Howler Fill?

When you start your tab at the bar, show your membership card to our staff and let them know what cider you would like. Our staff will then punch your card to indicate your cider for that month has been redeemed. 

Are all your flavors available in 4packs?

No, many of our flavors are only available on draft. You can take home any draft cider in a 32oz howler.

Do I have to get a 4pack for my monthly cider? 

No, you can you get a 32oz howler fill of anything on tap. 

Can I make my own 4pack by mixing and matching Single cans?

Unfortunately no, due to federal and state laws we can only offer pre-made 4packs and can not mix and match single cans.

I forgot to Redeem my cider last month, can I get 2 this month?

No, your monthly cider must be redeemed in the current month and can not be carried over.

How do I use my VIP Reservation?

Contact us via our Facebook page or email at with the number of guests, date, time of arrival and if you have specific table location. 


Do I have to do anything to maintain my club status?

Nope! The preview email mentioned before will give you a chance to cancel your subscription, but otherwise you're in the club as long as you want!


Will this subscription auto-subscribe me next year or do I have to cancel it manually?

The subscription is set to continue until you cancel it. If you want your subscription to expire after a certain number of boxes, please email us and we can indicate that within your account. You can also cancel at any time or sign back up at any time.

Can I unsubscribe and still take advantage of the members perks such as reservations or members only cider for the remainder of the year?

NO. Membership benefits & perks apply to all active club members only. 


Can I gift this to a friend?

Yes, of course! When you sign up, please sign up for a Cider Club Gift Subscription, which will allow us to manage gifted subscriptions well.


I gave this subscription as a gift. How do I update the email address/shipping address/contact information associated with it?

The easiest way to change any information is to contact us at if you have questions about gifting a subscription.


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